Laura & huut.

In 2008, Laura Mallach took over the management of the first non-invasive anti-aging institute in Munich. In practice, she intensively studied the special needs of demanding skin and the active ingredients that optimally support it in its regeneration, even after treatments such as laser treatments. However, Laura could not find any skin care that met her requirements for effectiveness, quality and purity. Even products that described themselves as "clean" didn't go far enough for her when it came to ingredients. She finally decided to create something completely new: effective and safe skincare that heals the skin in depth and restores the protective skin barrier.

Our Clean Beauty Concept

"Maintaining and rebuilding the skin's protective barrier delays the ageing process and is essential for a healthy glow and rejuvenated skin."

Research & Innovation - Made in Switzerland

huut. was born after five years of research and development in collaboration with leading scientists and biochemists with over 35 years of experience in dermatology, medicine and skin immunology and is produced in one of the most innovative skincare laboratories in Switzerland - where it is exclusively produced today. The most innovative anti-ageing ingredients and formulations are continuously researched to provide effectiveness and new groundbreaking products.

The key to healthy skin: skin immunity

The skin plays a crucial role in our health and well-being. As our largest organ, it acts as a barrier between the outside world and the inside of our body. In addition, it regulates fluid balance and body temperature. A healthy, strong skin barrier is therefore the key to healthy, resilient skin.

Skin's own repair function

Oxidative stress, which releases free radicals in the body, and an inappropriate skincare routine can weaken the skin barrier, causing the connections between cells to become unstable and the pH level to become unbalanced. As a result, the skin loses moisture, it is more susceptible to skin irritations as well as infections, and skin ageing processes are accelerated. huut. has been specially developed to optimise the skin's own repair function and to help the skin protect itself.

Our ingredients

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