Our products are all manufactured with the highest quality and attention to detail and embody the Swiss values of innovation, competence and fairness. That's what huut stands for. We guarantee that all ingredients are developed in Switzerland and produced with passion.

Scientifically based skin care that has been developed based on years of research by renowned scientists and dermatologists. By balancing medical expertise and natural ingredients from Switzerland, we create a unique care concept even for a very sensitive skin - dermatologically tested.

The use of vegan ingredients and the renunciation of animal testing is our top priority. Each of our care products is made with love - for us, this also means not using animal ingredients.

In order to maintain and support the skin's own repair function, the skin needs only highly effective and select micronutrients that strengthen skin immunity. Therefore, we strictly avoid harmful or hormonally active substances, questionable UV filters, microplastics, silicones or parabens.

They not only provide the habitat for numerous marine creatures, but also protect our coasts. Chemical UV filters and microplastics not only harm the reefs, but also threaten various animal species. We are of course aware of this great responsibility and work to the latest and highest quality standards - 100% coral friendly.

Our skin is permanently exposed to free radicals, which lead to so-called oxidative stress and thus promote impurities and premature skin aging. They are caused by harmful environmental influences such as exhaust fumes, fine dust and an unhealthy lifestyle. Antioxidants are ultimate heroes, because they are effective free radical scavengers and also have an anti-inflammatory effect. That's why you are an important part of our ingredients and contribute a large part to the tremendous effect of our products.

Nice to meet you! We’re huut. That means “skin” in Swiss German. ur mission is to provide plant-based skincare from Switzerland with a range of products that make skincare fun.

You’re never too young to take care of your huut.

We rely not only on particularly high-quality ingredients, but also on many years of experience in the field of plant-based active cosmetics. We combine the latest scientific findings with the power of nature. 

Through their antioxidant* and regenerating effect, our products protect against environmental stresses such as UV radiation, fine dust and free radicals. In addition, they support the skin's immune system and promote its own protection - ultimately preserving your youthfulness. 

Even sensitive, irritated and irritated skin is regenerated and soothed by the combination of exquisite concentrations of active ingredients.


*Antioxidants act against free radicals and help the skin to stay healthy and smooth. Vitamin C in particular is a powerful antioxidant.

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We make daily skincare as simple and effective as possible so that you can enjoy radiant, beautiful and, above all, healthy skin for years to come.

Laura Mallach

We stand for Swiss Quality

Skin care should not only be fun, but above all deliver what it promises. That is why we produce according to the high standards of Swiss quality. And how could this be better than in close cooperation with the leading Swiss specialists in high-tech* cosmetics and the best dermatologists?

Because Switzerland stands for competence, innovation, reliability, but also for the highest quality and attention to detail. That's what Swissness stands for and that's also what huut. stands for.

*Cosmetics that change their consistency or state of aggregation in order to use active ingredients more effectively.

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