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Pure Energy


Our hypoallergenic, anti-inflammatory cleansing foam gently cleanses  and balances the pH of the skin. For optimal cleansing of the face and décolleté, it contains both natural non-ionic and a small amount of anionic sugar surfactants from apricot kernel oil, which thoroughly remove excess sebum, make-up as well as pollutants and dirt particles.

With its active ingredient combination of Swiss garden cress sprouts, chamomile blossoms and allantoin, the mild anti-aging cleansing foam has an effective anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory effect. It reduces irritation and provides lasting moisture while refining the skin's appearance. Even very sensitive, dry and inflamed skin is soothed again. At the same time, its high cleansing power is ideal for impure, oily and acne-prone skin.

Gentle but thorough facial cleansing is the prerequisite for subsequent maximum absorption of active ingredients and thus an effective skin care routine. With our gently foaming cleanser, the skin is optimally prepared for the subsequent care.


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    Key Benefits
    • hypoallergenic formulation
    • gently wash away dirt and make-up without drying
    • rehydrates & revitalises
    • high anti-aging effect
    • improves the skin barrier
    • has an anti-inflammatory effect
    • pH value 5

    Aqua (Water), Pentylene Glycol, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Decyl Glucoside, Lepidium Sativum Sprout Extract, Lecithin, Allantoin, Lactic Acid, Levulinic Acid, Sorbitol, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Glycerin, Sodium Levulinate, Parfum (natural Fragrance)

    Active ingredients

    + Swiss garden cress sprouts extract
    + Chamomile flower extract



    Every morning and evening, lather with a small amount of warm water, apply to face and rinse.

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    • For a long time, I didn't know how important cleansing the skin actually is. For me, a cleansing product was one of the least important components in my daily skincare routine. Until I was recommended this foam by a nice saleswoman because I forgot my products at home on a business trip. I was immediately really excited about the difference. Today I say that for me this cleansing foam alone has turned my skin around 180 degrees. Really high praise to you!

      Tina K.
    • After a very heavy treatment with my dermatologist, your Cleansing Foam was recommended to me and I no longer use any other. My skin was very damaged from the treatment for weeks and the foam helped to gently cleanse the skin and support it in its healing process. My dermatologist also uses it and we got into it because of her incredibly beautiful skin.

    • I got such good skin from the cleansing foam, you notice right after the first application that this product "does" something to the skin. The skin is so pure and clean like I really never had before with a cleansing product. I use it in the morning and in the evening - I can't imagine my skincare routine without it!

    • I love this foam! Have already recommended it to all my friends! MUST-HAVE!

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