Our enthusiasm for perfect skin care led us to the realization early on that growing skin in particular needs intensive care with exquisite ingredients and enormous protection against environmental influences and UV radiation. But to achieve significant results, the products must be tailored to the specific needs.
Our primary goal is to ensure that young people really feel good in their skin. After all, the hustle and bustle of the city and environmental influences have a noticeable effect on the health of the skin. The increased exposure to dangerous UV rays and free radicals also damages sensitive skin cells without the right protection.
As a mother of two children, our founder, Laura Mallach, was only too aware of this. We took up this challenge together with the leading Swiss biochemical laboratories and dermatologists. Years of intensive collaboration have resulted in skincare that finally meets the highest demands of young skin.

The aim of huut. is thus to make high-quality skin care products available to young people - to provide them with optimum protection against harmful environmental influences and to supply them with exquisite combinations of active ingredients and antioxidants.

Laura Mallach, Founder and CEO

The face behind huut.

Laura Mallach has always been dedicated to the care of demanding skin. Already in 2011, she managed her first own cosmetics institute in Munich. Constant contact with cosmetics manufacturers and customers provided her with valuable insights that still shape her business philosophy today. Laura committed herself early on to the idea of always catering to individual skin needs, and followed the wishes of her customers to develop a skin care line especially for young skin. As a mother of two children, she knows the challenges of demanding, delicate skin and its need for a high-quality, all-round product line.

The result is a 100% vegan care, exclusively from high-quality ingredients and the "certain Swiss something", which can not only be seen, but also felt.