The huut. Story

The idea behind "huut." or how passion became action.

It all started with the idea of developing a perfectly coordinated care line that can even be used by adolescents due to the high quality and the hormonally inactive and harmless ingredients.

"the huut. company GmbH" was launched in 2019 by skin care expert Laura Mallach to meet exactly these expectations. The foundation for the idea was laid by the founder's many years of experience in the field of individual skin care in her own cosmetic-medical institute in Munich.

More than 15 years of experience

Through direct and close cooperation with dermatologists, not only has a high level of knowledge about the composition and structure of the skin developed, but also a far-reaching understanding of various skin problems.

Through the targeted use of active ingredients and the development of a daily routine, these problems can be counteracted preventively.

Made in Switzerland

Building on the knowledge, the claim arose with one of the leading skin care laboratories in Switzerland to develop a highly effective product line that fully meets the needs of sensitive skin through the use of natural and high-quality essences.

"Due to our high quality, our products can also be used easily by adolescents - which was also a personal concern for me as a mother of two children."

—Laura Mallach

what us important is

Because your skin is important to us

Passion and more than 15 years of experience in medical cosmetics form the basis for specifically addressing the highest cosmetic demands.

So that your skin stays in balance and its freshness and youthfulness is preserved for a long time.

Future-oriented and pioneering

We combine modern phyto-cosmetics (plant-based) with renowned medical knowledge and thus ensure groundbreaking and innovative skin care that is not only effective, but also absolutely free of harmful and questionable ingredients. Our highly effective active ingredient formulations protect the skin cells and extend their lifespan. The skin's own repair function is supported and the skin's immune system is strengthened.

We make a mark

We 100% do without questionable ingredients and harmful sunscreen filters. Therefore, our products can also be used by adolescents without hesitation!
We combine the most modern and highly effective ingredients from nature with medical knowledge. We rely on the highest quality - 100% developed and produced in Switzerland.


Detoxophane is an extract from Swiss garden cress sprouts that detoxifies the skin and has an antioxidant effect at the same time. It strengthens skin cells' resistance to pollution and free radicals.


Magnolol is a bioactive compound from the bark and root of magnolia, which has an anti-inflammatory effect and counteracts the loss of skin elasticity. In addition, the active ingredient has antibacterial properties and protects the skin from new irritations.

almond oil

Almond oil is pressed from the kernels of sweet and bitter almonds. It creates a soft, nourishing and supple consistency and, according to studies, penetrates deep into the stratum corneum (the horny layer). Its high level of tolerance offers mild care, especially for sensitive skin conditions, and helps to bring it back into balance. It improves dryness and dehydration of the skin, it also protects the skin and has an antioxidant effect.


The Chinese split herb has an anti-inflammatory, calming and anti-itching effect on the skin. It also strengthens the skin's immune system.

grape seed extract

The extract from the seeds of the wild vine is rich in proanthocyanidins, special polyphenols from the bioflavonoid group and various flavonoids, all of which have strong antioxidant properties. Its main effect is the neutralization of free radicals and thus contributes to the protection of skin cells.

Aloe Vera

The sap from the inside of the leaves of the prickly ground plant is obtained from the thick fleshy leaves. The gel-like substance contains enzymes, minerals, vitamins and bioflavonoids that have a cooling, anti-itching, anti-inflammatory and moisture-retaining effect on the skin. Due to the high antioxidant effect of the plant, it is also considered a green wonder.

Prickly Pear Extract

Of the refined prickly pear extract contains valuable vitamins, minerals as well antioxidants, which intensively soothe, protect and moisturize the skin and protect against premature skin aging.

Swiss glacier water

Dhe glacier water for our products is obtained from a mineral spring in Zermatt, Switzerland, and is rich in minerals, calcium and magnesium. It supplies the skin 24 h moisture up in the deep layers of the skin. FROMIn addition, it not only protects the skin from heat and stress, but also softens it aalso feelings of tension.


Shea butter is an excellent moisturizer and can help soothe dry, damaged skin. The lipid barrier of the callus is strengthened by the natural butter and built up with regular use. This regulates the fat and moisture balance of the skin.

Zinc oxide

Zinc oxide is a highly effective antiseptic that is primarily used to treat skin inflammation and infections and to disinfect wounds. In addition to its disinfecting effect, zinc oxide also inhibits the inflammatory reaction of the skin. It is therefore also suitable for the treatment of acne, eczema and other inflammatory skin diseases.


Basil has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, disinfecting and strengthens the skin's immune system. It is also very effective in treating acne and blemishes due to its antibacterial properties.

barley extract

Barley extract is a true nutrient supplier that supplies the skin with important vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It also has antioxidant properties and a moisturizing effect.